Gas Workers Raise New Safety and Cost Concerns as National Grid Lockout Enters Third Month

Ten to 12 feet under the property are thousands of feet of cables running the length of the acre site. The network of cables will provide power to all of the buildings in the riverside project. Daily Gazette photographer Marc Schultz and I went underground to take a look at the work National Grid has been doing for the last five months. The manhole we went into on a sunny, hot Tuesday morning is next to the Courtyard by Marriott hotel now being built. The hole, like most of them on site, is six feet by 12 feet. We were warned by National Grid that the space is small, smaller than a typical elevator. Schultz and I wore a harness that workers hooked a rope to in case we had to be pulled out in an emergency. Steve Gerke, National Grid underground supervisor, went down the ladder into the hole first, followed by myself and then Schultz.

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The company has already spent millions of dollars to cover a variety of costs, including a summer barbecue and housing for replacement workers and ongoing police details on worksites. These violations, many of which have put workers and residents at risk, are a direct consequence of National Grid refusing to allow its most experienced and well-trained employees to enter job sites. As a result, several major cities and more than a dozen local communities across Massachusetts have issued moratoriums or called for additional review of non-emergency National Grid projects, including Boston, Cambridge, Lowell, Somerville, Quincy, Revere, Abington, Arlington, Dracut, Braintree, Everett, Haverhill, Malden, Medford, Methuen, Milton, Stoneham and Weymouth.

The lockout continues to take a toll on workers, who have been without paychecks and health insurance for over two months.

Page 1 of 2 – National Grid gas conversion question(s) – posted in DIY – Home Improvements – More: Hi everyone, I am in a position to convert my house to natural gas. We got enough people in my neighborhood to convince Nat grid to run a line up the street.

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For electric you should call after your inspection has been submitted and for gas you should call after all gas work is completed, at least one gas appliance is installed and you have the electric service active. The customer must call in the request to Do I need to be there when the meter is set? If this is for a gas meter set, someone must be present. If this is for electric meter set, it is not necessary if the main breakers are OFF.

National Grid energy, Red Hook, includes a commitment to safety and responsibility Providing you with safe and responsible service is a top priority for National Grid. Red Hook homeowners may have various choices for gas and electricity service, but the company aims to be the best and most respectable company in your area.

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Shutterstock One of the hottest questions among energy nerds these days has to do with the interaction of electric vehicles and the electricity grid. Will EVs remain passive consumers of electricity, like toasters or refrigerators, the way they are now? Or will they be able to communicate with the grid and send power back to it when needed?

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A line of thunderstorms that precedes an advancing cold front. Pre-Frontal Trough An elongated area of relatively low pressure preceding a cold front that is usually associated with a shift in wind direction. Pre-Hurricane Squall Line It is often the first serious indication that a hurricane is approaching. It is a generally a straight line and resembles a squall-line that occurs with a mid-latitude cold front.

It is as much as 50 miles or even more before the first ragged rain echoes of the hurricane’s bands and is usually about to miles ahead of the eye, but it has been observed to be as much as miles ahead of the eye in the largest hurricanes. PRECD Precede Precipitable Water Measure of the depth of liquid water at the surface that would result after precipitating all of the water vapor in a vertical column over a given location, usually extending from the surface to mb.

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Five functional steps are performed to calculate the best estimate of precipitation: Precision The accuracy with which a number can be represented, i. Predominant Wind The wind that prevails and generates the local component of the significant sea conditions across the forecast area.

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Try one month for 99 cents National Grid customers, lawmakers charged up over rate increase Posted Wednesday, October 1, 4: The rate hike from November to May represents a 49 percent surge over current rates, said Jake Navarro, a National Grid spokesman. William “Smitty” Pignatelli, D-Lenox. Most of his district is served by National Grid.

But, interviewed Monday, Pignatelli acknowledged that state lawmakers have no say over electricity rates.

National Grid advises natural gas customers to closely inspect areas around and over gas meters, service hook-ups and vents for ice and snow that could damage meter and service equipment, or block vents that could result in dangerous buildup of carbon monoxide.

The power structure is beginning to panic as the public wakes up to the criminal climate engineering insanity. The growing police state is completely out of control and becoming unimaginably blatant with their actions. This is the work of the American government, owned by the American public, and should be open to the American public.

It is likely there are many in the National Weather Service and NOAA that have had enough of lying about what is really going on in our skies. Massive atmospheric aerosol spraying assaults are constant around the globe. Almost all meteorologists have so far denied the all too obvious ongoing climate engineering operations.


If the label says “green” and “environmentally friendly” that is just a ploy to get people to pay more. The phosphates are a fertilizer when poured onto the ground. Phosphates are good for plant growth. They also help clean more effectively.

National Grid has provided me the absolute worst customer service I have ever received. I have been waiting for 4 days to have my gas turned on. I had a scheduled appointment 3 days ago.1/5(43).

Giles I agree it would be an inefficient outcome — a waste of resources and capital if everyone moved off the grid. Motorshack I agree also. The basic problem here is not technological, but financial, and the solution to the problem will also be much more financial than technical. In a case like this the ultimate financial solution is often bankruptcy, with the attendant sale of unproductive assets at knockdown prices.

Nor do clients have to abandon a supplier entirely to produce this effect. So, cheap batteries might make it easier to defect from the power grid, but even without storage the owners of rooftop PV systems will still be buying less power from the grid, and often a lot less, so the death spiral will continue anyway as more households buy rooftop PV systems. Nor do people have to be at home to take more advantage of self-produced energy from their PV systems.

For example, simple timers can let a load of washing be run unattended, or a freezer to run mostly when the power is cheapest.

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Posted January 21 – Forecasters warn that this storm could bring with it high winds, freezing temperatures and coastal flooding. National Grid field crews and support personnel are prepared in the event the weather causes damage to our region’s natural gas network, and are ready to address any service issues that may arise from the storm.

While storm preparations are important, so too is the safety of our customers and employees. We would like to advise customers to be prepared, as high winds, heavy snow and ice can pose a serious safety risk. With driving conditions expected to be potentially treacherous, we also urge particular caution when driving around crew work locations, especially where visibility might be limited by blowing snow.

New York – Upstate electricity and gas service options [Change Region].

United Kingdom February 15 Summary: The High Court has recently ruled that under the terms of a local government reshuffle Powys County Council assumed the contingent contaminated land liabilities of its predecessor, Brecknock Borough Council. Distinguishing the facts from the National Grid Gas case, the court held that liabilities passed to the successor local authority even though the statutory contaminated land regime did not exist at the time the transfer took place.

Under the CLR, those who have caused or knowingly permitted the contamination of land can be held liable for the costs of clean up. These remediation liabilities apply even if the original polluter has since divested of the land in question and even if the contamination occurred before the CLR came into force. In this way, the CLR introduced a liability regime whereby historic pollution could come back to haunt its creators, years or even decades after it was caused.

Understandably, this made many companies and organisations rather concerned, especially those with a long history of potentially polluting operations. The retrospective scope of the CLR provides the potential for significant periods of time to pass between a pollution event and eventual remediation liability. During this time, the original polluter may have changed hands, been restructured or become a completely different type of entity.

But, what happens to CLR liabilities when such organisational changes take place? Specifically, the National Grid Gas case considered whether CLR liabilities had been passed from British Gas Corporation a state owned gas utility to British Gas plc a public limited company under the transfer provisions set out in the Gas Act National Grid Gas, who had subsequently acquired the gas storage and transportation undertaking of British Gas plc, was therefore not responsible under the CLR for contamination caused by its public body predecessor.


History[ edit ] Until the 18th century, only a few scattered farms could be found in the area, but small hamlets did not begin to appear until inns sprung up to serve travellers. Hook was located on the main London to Exeter stagecoach route. In the late eighteenth century, a turnpike road was constructed to aid the navigation of the steep Scures Hill, to the west of the village.

In Hook railway station was constructed, and the village began to grow with railway workers and commuters settling in Hook.

In the electricity sector in the United Kingdom the National Grid is the high-voltage electric power transmission network covering Great Britain, connecting power stations and major substations and ensuring that electricity generated anywhere on it can be used to satisfy demand elsewhere. The network covers the great majority of Great Britain and several of the surrounding islands.

The electrical grid is divided into three main components [2] Marshall Brain, How power grid works. Centralized generation refers to large-scale generation far from consumption. This includes coal , nuclear , natural gas , hydro , wind farms and large solar arrays. The grid connects centralized power to consumers. Decentralized generation occurs close to consumption, for example rooftop solar. Therefore, at the point of generation, substations contain transformers that step-up the voltage of electricity so that it can be transmitted.

When it arrives at points of consumption, another substation is found to step-down the voltage for end-use consumption [3] Electrical Engineering Portal, Primary Distribution Voltage levels. These local utilities operated low-voltage power plants that served local customers through short distribution lines. Interconnection also reduced the amount of extra capacity that each utility had to hold to ensure reliable service. With growing demand and the accompanying need for new power plants came an ever-increasing need for higher voltage interconnections to transport the additional power longer distances [4] US Energy Information Administration, EIA, What is the Electric Power Grid and what are the challenges facing it?

Currently, research is being done to determine how to optimize its performance for effectiveness.

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Discover below how solar power works. The V AC electricity is used to power appliances in your home. Surplus electricity is fed back into the main grid. Whenever the sun shines and even in overcast weather , the solar cells generate electricity.

For customers who have both electric and gas service with National Grid, we use an energy index, which combines your electricity use (as measured in kWh) and your natural gas use (as measured in therms) into a single measurement.

Small wind energy systems Small wind energy systems can be connected to the electricity distribution system and are called gridconnected systems. A grid-connected wind turbine can reduce your consumption of utility-supplied electricity for lighting, appliances, and electric heat. If the turbine cannot deliver the amount of energy you need, the utility makes up the difference.

When the wind system produces more electricity than the household requires, the excess is sent or sold to the utility. Grid-connected systems can be practical if the following conditions exist: You live in an area with average annual wind speed of at least 10 mph 4. Utility-supplied electricity is expensive in your area about 10 to 15 cents per kilowatt-hour.

How the National Grid responds to demand