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It’s Halloween next week, and EastEnders has yet more drama and heartbreak in store. Things especially aren’t looking very good for troubled Hayley Slater when she finds herself in grave danger. After giving birth alone, Hayley loses consciousness, and fears grow when nobody hears from her. Billy is also at risk when he self-medicates himself, and Keegan is hell-bent on getting revenge after finding Shakil’s poster has been defaced, and goes on a dangerous journey to track down the culprit. Elsewhere, Jay, Martin and Robbie are left mortified after a misunderstanding, and Carmel makes a huge decision about her future. Keegan is on a mission Monday 29 October — Keegan conjures up a revenge plan Keegan is furious when he spots one of Shakil’s posters that has been defaced, and he goes about finding the culprit on social media, with revenge in mind.

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He subsequently appeared in five episodes in , before returning for an episode in Les was reintroduced as a regular character in April and continued to appear until 14 October when the character was axed from the show. He tells them he used to know Pat when he was an apprentice, implying he was her client when she was a prostitute, and offers a discount on the funeral. Jean is distressed to hear that Stacey is dead, but Mo Harris Laila Morse reveals she has just spoken to Stacey on the phone, meaning Stacey is alive.

EASTENDERS fans have been left confused over Ruby Allen’s family EastEnders viewers left CRINGING as Ruby Allen desperately tries to BED Billy Mitchell. and hinted he was only dating Ruby.

He gets on well with his dad, Ian Beale and his younger troublesome teenage sister Cindy Williams. He was in a relationship with Lauren Branning and went to court to try to plea her innocence. He began dating her in December He is named after his paternal grandfather, Pete Beale, who died on the day of his birth. Peter was brought up by both his parents until , when Cindy leaves with Peter and his half brother, Steven following her failed attempt to have Ian killed by a hitman.

Peter is taken to Italy, where Ian finds him in and takes him home without Cindy’s consent. Cindy is given custody of all three children in , but she is arrested directly after the court case for the attempted murder of Ian. She dies during childbirth in prison, but her baby, Cindy Williams, survives and is given to Cindy’s sister Gina Williams. Peter then grows up with various women acting as his stepmother, one of whom, Laura Beale, provides Peter with another half brother, Bobby Beale , in Peter is injured when a fairground ride collapsed in but is saved from the wreckage by Den Watts and Dennis Rickman.

Ian meets his fourth wife, Jane Beale, at this fair. On the drive home, Phil swerves the car to avoid a fallen tree; the car flips, crashes and rolls into a lake with Ben and Peter still inside.

Billy the Exterminator

During this evening’s episode, there was an altercation outside the courthouse which resulted in his lucky charm stabbing him in the thigh. When in the car, he realised he was bleeding and finally confessed the truth to Peter Barlow. Over the last month, viewers have watched Billy agonise over his involvement in Susan Barlow’s death back in

EastEnders has starred huge names including Barbara Windsor, Mike Reid and Leslie Grantham as the famous Dirty Den.

Share 54 shares Tina experienced a traumatic mugging at knife point with two men dressed as clowns in the cash to carry car park, when she went to buy alcohol. Shaken up, she drove back the the Queen Vic accidentally running over what she though was Dot’s pet cat Dave. To her horror, Tina later found out it was in fact Billy and Honey’s daughter Janet, who went missing during the kids Halloween party at Jack’s.

Didn’t see that coming: Billy turns to Tina for support and shares a passionate kiss without knowing that Tina is in fact the cause of his daughter’s accident and accidentally ran her over Billy and Honey relationship hit the rocks at the hospital as Janet shocked her parents in revealing how she can’t feel her legs, leading to more medical tests for the youngster.

The anxious parents struggles to cope and Honey stays with son William which prompted Billy to accuse Honey of favouring him over Janet who has Downs Syndrome. A devastated Billy shares his worries about Janet never being able to walk again with an emotional Tina. Janet shocked her parents in revealing how she can’t feel her legs, leading to more medical tests for the youngster Guilty conscience? A stunned Lauren is first betrayed by her sister’s actions as Abi confesses her underdying for Steven and unborn child.

Lauren slaps Abi and the pair fight over Steven’s ashes causing them to scatter all over the bathroom floor. Whether they will be leaving the square together or a part in unknown but it is sure to be explosive. Friday night’s episode hinted Abi may consider moving in with her mum Tanya as Lauren suggested she could help support her with the new baby.

‘EastEnders’ Spoiler: Billy Mitchell And Former Wife Honey To Reunite? (PICS)

Both have supposedly come over from Jamaica to visit Josie’s son, Mick Sylvester Williams , however it soon becomes clear that the purpose for their visit is not as innocent as Josie initially makes out. Mick is expecting his mother, but is surprised when she turns up with Kim, whom he has never met or heard of before.

Josie claims that Kim is a distant relative, whom she is looking after for a while. However, it is subsequently revealed that instead of being a distant relative, Kim is actually Mick’s half-sister. Kim is the product of an affair Mick’s father had when he was temporarily estranged from Josie.

EastEnders fans notice a time jump with receipt Ray may actually be a Time Lord. EastEnders is lining up a devastating twist for Dr Legg His story is about to take another sad turn.

She appears in episode 8 of the first series of EastEnders spin-off EastEnders: E20 , credited only as Mrs Olubunmi and played by Jay Byrd. New executive producer Bryan Kirkwood introduced the character to EastEnders in his first episode on 4 June , this time played by Ellen Thomas. When the character arrives in EastEnders, she urges Mercy to tell Fatboy that they are moving to Lagos.

She hosts a lunch at the community centre and tells Lucas Johnson Don Gilet that she has grown fond of London but is going to Lagos for Mercy’s sake. Fatboy then realises that neither Grace nor Mercy want to go and makes them realise this after Mercy has returned the key to their former home. Fatboy then says he has a plan for somewhere for them to live, and they move into a property on Albert Square. Grace attends a bible class with Mercy, held by Lucas.

She apologises for Mercy’s behaviour when she continues to ask about false prophets and a passage that states that anyone who questions a priest should be put to death, causing Lucas to leave. Grace makes Mercy write Lucas a letter of apology, but Mercy bins it. Upset with the amount of litter around the streets, she urges Mercy and Fatboy to volunteer to pick it up.

The next month Leon breaks one of her commemorative plates and Fatboy tries to create a new one in the hope Grace will think it is real, but she does not fall for it. However, she praises Fatboy for his eventual honesty and displays the plate with her others. However, when she discovers Mercy has been serving drinks in Alfie Moon ‘s Shane Richie illegal den, she berates her granddaughter and says Fatboy has corrupted her.

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Who is billy dating in eastenders.. Posted on By Kigakinos The character of Lola was announced on 7 June and she was created as an extension of the established Mitchell family.

They go up to his office to find it empty and Mike’s car gone. Everyone realises that they’ve been fooled. Minty is devestated that Mike had left with all the money he had. Gus lays into Juley for lying about his flash lifestyle. Juley admits that he’s ashamed he’s achieved nothing. Gus doesn’t stay mad for long and is amused to hear what Juley has been up to.

He vows to get out of Gus’s life but Gus wont hear of it. Mickey asks Dawn to come back to Walford with him to see the family.

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He had meningitis as a baby, leaving him partly deaf in one ear. Ben returns after 8 years living in South Africa after Kathy has died in a car crash. In Walford, he settles in to live with his half-brother and Kathy’s son from ex-husband, Pete, Ian Beale. Eventually, Phil and Stella are engaged. In July , Phil and Stella’s wedding day, Ben reveals all about Stella, making her commit suicide by jumping off a roof.

His dad is later arrested for her suicide.

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British The following is a list of characters that first appeared in the BBC soap opera EastEnders in , by order of first appearance. Heather Trott was introduced, and the Mitchell family was extended, with Ronnie Mitchell and Roxy Mitchell as a fiery new double act. August saw the arrival of Tanya Branning ‘s drug-addicted sister Rainie Cross. In , he investigates the death of Pauline Fowler Wendy Richard and subsequently arrests Sonia Fowler Natalie Cassidy for her murder following the funeral.

He appears when he is investigating Jay Brown ‘s stabbing. Denise is released without charge. Kelly later informs Denise’s family that her car has been discovered abandoned by a canal, and then that the body of a woman was pulled from the canal along with Denise’s mobile phone. Lucas identifies the body as Denise’s, however, Kelly still believes somebody else was involved in Owen’s murder.

EastEnders shocker as character is forced to leave Albert Square

Strictly Come Dancing star and EastEnders actor voted off in week 11 with professional Nadiya Bychkova Davood swapped the Walford Square market for the dancefloor. By Joanne Kavanagh 16th December , 6: He swapped the market for the dancefloor after competing in Strictly Come Dancing in – before being sent home in week eleven.

Who is kat dating in eastenders Tuesday, having told she won the latest news: big mo’s word for her own wake. Whitney in on his relationship history of nerves and alfie’s.

Ben Mitchell Currently Harry Reid. Previously, Charlie Jones, Joshua Pascoe. Has traces of this from time to time. Had many attractions to males but had a baby with Lola and currently is in a relationship with Abi. Has finally come out as gay and was in a relationship with Paul until his death. He’s slept with Johnny Carter but nothing ever came of it. He claims to no longer be gay. No one except his girlfriend Abi buys it.

He eventually dumped Abi after finding out she’d lied about being pregnant. Ben’s no angel either after he’d been sleeping with hairdresser, Paul.

Zoe Ball pictured out for the first time since tragic death of boyfriend Billy Yates

Your session begins now. Naomi Watts stars in the Netflix original series Gypsy. The New York Post reports that Watts and Crudup, who have been filming the new psychosexual drama Gypsy since late last year, were spotted holding hands in Tribeca, New York over the weekend. They play husband and wife on the show. A source confirmed that the pair were an item to People magazine. Naomi Watts and Billy Crudup in Gypsy.

Soap star Perry Fenwick has split from actress wife Angela Lonsdale after five years of marriage. The EastEnders favourite, Walford’s Billy Mitchell, and the former Corrie star are said to be.

Occupation Police officer Sergeant Kenny Morris, played by Ryan Philpott, is a police officer who is originally introduced as a police constable, but later becomes a sergeant. He is later called to Shirley Carter ‘s Linda Henry flat when a party is getting out of hand. He breaks up a fight and is almost hit by Shirley, however, he ends up staying the night and having sex with her. When Darren Miller Charlie G. Hawkins tells Kevin that the car is stolen and that Morris is a police officer, they steal the car from Morris and set it on fire.

He appears again when Max Branning Jake Wood calls the police following a faked burglary at his home. On 15 January he appears when the police receive complaints of a protest outside Gilly’s Massage Parlour. Morris later visits Glenda to take a statement from her. Phil demands a crime reference number from Morris who mocks Phil along with his colleague. Morris is on the phone and tells her to wait but she ignores him and goes into the station.

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And darkness fell upon the BBC One schedules. And there was in abundance. And God saw the depression and it was good.

EastEnders’ Billy Mitchell enjoys a steamy clinch with ex-wife Honey attract’ with boyfriend Orlando Bloom as she reveals he tries to get her to ‘do yoga or go vegan’ Started dating in

Just a bit of bling: Jessie Wallace Jessie Wallace was all smiles as she met up with her boyfriend Tim Arnold at Highgate Tube station rocking a large diamond ring on her engagement finger. But a spokesperson for the actress has reported that she won’t be tying the knot with her musician boyfriend – just yet. Speculation was rife that the soap star’s tall dark and handsome lover may have gotten down on one knee but the Jessie has flatly denied she is soon to wed.

Jessie Wallace wore a sparkling ring on her engagement finger as she met up with her boyfriend at Highgate Tube station, but has denied becoming engaged Girls best friend: Jessie wears a curiously looking diamond ring as she embraces her beau last week The year-old actress, who plays mouthy Kat Moon in EastEnders, has been in a relationship with her beau for 11 months and was seen running into his arms as soon as she saw him, and they walked hand-in-hand down the road without a care in the world.

Billy Defends Mo In Court – EastEnders – BBC